5 Reason to Choose a Paper Planner Over a Digital Planner

Since digital is so part of our lives, one would wonder if the digital planner is better than paper planers?


5 Reason to Choose a Paper Planner Over a Digital  Planner

  1. Writing things down helps you remember them better

Do you remember your college years when you were taking notes on paper during your classes thinking that it would help you remember them better?  Well, you were doing the right thing! As per the Pam Mueller and Daniel Oppenheimer famous studies, it was proven that students who took notes on laptops had a harder time answering conceptual questions than students who wrote out their notes longhand. It's not only a good idea for students but also for meeting notes ! 

  1. You’re more motivated

Using a paper planner for goal setting is a great to clarify our thoughts and mindfully connect with exactly what we need to do, what we want and aim for. Using pen and paper, you most likely will need to be more precise and to the the point. Goal-setting in psychology is an essential tool for self-motivation – both at personal and professional levels. Actually using a pen and a paper makes it even more important and it gives meaning to our actions and the purpose of achieving something higher. 

  1. Reducing your stress

Writing down your plans will reduce your stress level by having a more organized life…but that’s not all! Writing on paper requires to be fully present and practice mindfulness. In stress therapy, it is often advised to keep a journal exactly because of the activity’s healing properties. Like an active meditation, writing helps you sort out whatever mess of thoughts you have in your mind into words.

  1. Your life on paper

Your paper planner is the actual picture of your life at a given time. There’s definitely a sentimental value to keeping a “diary” of your life, too. After a few years, you can go to your old planners and revisit your life or remember great ideas you had written down or people you met that you and forgotten about.

  1. Ideas Generation

Using a paper planner will spark your creativity and idea generation. You can write freely, use colors, designs, stickers, and more! You can also do graphs to represent ideas or try the bullet-journaling approach to your planning.