5 Tips for a More Productive Day


5 Tips for a More Productive Day

  1. Use a Planner!

If you are serious about your productivity, you need to invest in a planer.  Ir will be your "life saver" where you will note important information such as meetings, dates, project deadline, etc. You can also use it to write down your lists and priorities. Once it is on paper, you know what you need to do to reach your goals,

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  1. Time Blocking

Look at your week and ensure that you block time for important tasks in your planner. If you know that you are more focused in the morning, block an hour to work on that special project. You could also keep the last hour of the day for your daily review and organizing your next day.  

If you get easily distracted, you could try the Pomodoro Technique which is a popular time-management method invented by Italian Francesco Cirillo. It is simple and require working for a 25-minute time period on a project/task followed by a 5-minute break. After four periods (2 hours' worth of work) take a longer break, then start again.  


  1. Avoid distraction.

PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN!  Yes, I am serious. When you are working on a specific task, turn OFF your phone (or your tablet, your TV, etc...) or store it in another room to avoid any potential distraction such as social media notifications…  


  1. Take Hydration Breaks

Your body needs water to be productive. If you are under-hydrated, you are underperforming.  Have a bottle on your desk and regularly make trips to the office cooler or faucet to refill it.


  1. End your day with your next day in mind

Take the last hour of your day to plan your next day. Look at your meetings, priorities and task and ensure you got everything planned out.  You will then be able to start your day knowing exactly what is coming up and what needs your attention.

Have a great day! 


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